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Judge takes sting out of case

Tuesday February 2, 2010
SURABAYA. An Indonesian schoolboy has been cleared of serious abuse charges for stinging a female classmate with a bee €” a case that took the country's legal system a year to resolve.

Whaling Ship Sent Packing

Saturday January 17, 2009
A JAPANESE whaling ship has left an Indonesian port after being refused permission to undertake urgent mechanical repairs there.

Whaling Ship Faces Delays In Indonesia

Friday January 16, 2009
INDONESIA has become involved in the dispute over Antarctic whaling as authorities delay the repair of a Japanese ship to decide whether it should be allowed into dry dock.

Two Walk Free As Local Player Power Reaches Asia

Thursday December 18, 2008
PROFESSIONAL footballers in Asia have won a landmark victory for their rights after the Australian-based players' union last week completed the repatriation of two African footballers held in custody in Indonesia over contractual disputes.

He Came In Search Of Refuge; Now Enso Protects Our Goal

Saturday November 8, 2008
ENSO Neghad will play in goal for Australia in the Homeless World Cup, which starts in Melbourne on December1.

The Theory Of Creativity

Saturday September 27, 2008
The 4000-odd participants in Newcastle's This Is Not Art festival will accomplish so much more than simply painting the town red, writes Jim Kellar.

Plan To Build New Coast With Mudflow

Friday May 30, 2008
INDONESIA'S Environment Minister wants to dredge a $730 million, 24 kilometre-long channel to build a new coastline in East Java with the mud from an unstoppable "volcano" that erupted from a gas drilling well two years ago.

Mud 'volcano' May Help Build New Coastline

Friday May 30, 2008
INDONESIA'S Environment Minister has proposed dredging a $US700 million ($A730 million), 24-kilometre-long channel to build a new coastline in East Java with mud from an unstoppable "volcano" that erupted from a gas drilling well two years ago.

Soeharto The Soap Opera - Eyeing A Family's Ill-gotten Billions

Friday January 25, 2008
INDONESIANS find it hard to turn away from an enthralling sinetron, their much-loved TV soap operas. Be they dubbed into Bahasa from their original Venezuelan-accented Spanish or locally-produced, a popular soapie gets everyone talking across this far-flung nation.

Keeping It In The Family

Saturday January 19, 2008
After a decade of concealing their enormous wealth, the Soeharto offspring suddenly have found themselves back in the limelight. Eric Ellis reports.

Mud Volcano Threatens Endless Ruin

Saturday May 26, 2007
Efforts to dam Java's bubbling ooze are proving fruitless.

String Of Accidents In An Industry Under Pressure

Thursday March 8, 2007
THE Garuda jet that crashed in central Java was the fifth Boeing 737 aircraft to be lost by an Indonesian airline since December 24, leaving the country's already battered air-safety reputation in tatters.

Spotlight On Cheap Airlines After Crash

Wednesday January 3, 2007
TWELVE people have survived a plane crash that killed 90 others in the latest in a string of transport disasters in Indonesia this week. Three Americans were said to be among the passengers.

Rescuers Scramble To Reach Indonesian Crash Survivors

Wednesday January 3, 2007
INDONESIAN rescuers were last night trying to reach the scene of an air crash to confirm reports that 12 people had miraculously survived.

Confusion Over Fate Of Aircraft Lost In Indonesia

Wednesday January 3, 2007
AN INDONESIAN Air Force official said last night that reports that an airliner with 102 people on board had been found on the island of Sulawesi were wrong, and that the plane was still missing.

Confusion Surrounds Fate Of Indonesian Plane

Wednesday January 3, 2007
INDONESIAN authorities were last night trying to find the crash site of a budget airliner carrying 102 people.

The Grand Old Duke Of Surabaya

Sunday September 24, 2006
This legacy from the Dutch time also fits the bill when the aim is relaxation, writes Tom Cockrem.

Pedophile Suspect Commits Suicide In Indonesia

Thursday August 17, 2006
AN AUSTRALIAN man who has committed suicide in Indonesia is suspected to have been part of a pedophile ring linked to a language school established and supervised by the Australian Government. Don Hancock died on Tuesday in Surabaya, where he was director of studies of the Indonesia Australia Language Foundation.

Offshore Indonesian Oil Strike Likely To Be The Biggest For Santos

Friday January 21, 2005
SANTOS has confirmed its Jeruk discovery offshore from Surabaya in Indonesia as a major oil find.

Our Miss A Hit Abroad

Friday August 13, 2004
UNIVERSAL APPEAL: Holmesville's hottest export, Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins, holds a 2-year-old Indonesian boy who is HIV-positive during her visit to an HIV ward at a state-run hospital in Surabaya yesterday. Hawkins is in Indonesia for a 10-day visit as part of her worldwide tour.